Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

We moved from Jack and Judy's property on Monday, Feb 8th to the Elks Club at Casa Grande. We have been here many times before but it is a convenient place to stay, and cheap, while we visit Clyda's cousin Rod and his wife Claralyn. We had dinner at their house Monday night.

Tuesday we bummed around Casa Grande and had dinner at Culvers which meant we also had a frozen custard for dessert (Eat your heart out Budd and Brenda). It was good.

On Wednesday afternoon we moved to the old Pinal Fairgrounds 7 miles east of Casa Grande for the 3 day gourd festival. We camped with friends Jim and Michelle. Michelle is the “gourder” in the group. I have done a few gourds but am no where in her class.

The weather was perfect, warm and sunny. Evenings required only a light shirt to ward off the chill. We camped right near the festival grounds which was great as we could come and go as we pleased.

One building contained all the “juried” gourds. Those submitted for judging and another had booths for sellers. 

 Gourds supplied by Wertz farms.
 Juried gourds

Story teller given as a prize (Clyda really wanted this but no luck) 


There were food stands between them and music on the stage throughout. We ate lunch from the available food which was of a great variety and all very good. A very enjoyable few days.

Today we moved on to Willcox, AZ and the Elks Club. We are here to visit an old Navy buddy of mine, JD. I made contact with JD through my other buddy Gary in Oregon. JD will come by the RV tomorrow morning.

After a few days here we will move on. Where? We don't know at this time. We do plan to be home by the end of the month however.