Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We are home, having arrived at 4 PM yesterday after spending 2 days in Oregon with Navy buddy Gary and his wife Judy who was Clyda's best friend from early school days. While there, Gary and I tried our darnedest to best the ladies in multiple games of Sequence and Five Crowns, all to no avail. We will get them next time for sure.

Our next stop was in Walnut Creek to visit Gary and Cindy. Always a nice stop. We even managed to take in a movie called Eye in the Sky. It is about the new drone technology used to track and eliminate terrorists. Quite a tense story while the political vs Military aspects were debated under real life conditions.

One memory from the trip is how green everything was all the way from home, up to Lynden, and back. All the fruit trees were in bloom which made it very colorful.

Trees in bloom at a rest stop in northern, CA.

We had our taxes done today. Still waiting for one piece of paper however.