Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In memorium.

Much has happened this past week.

First, Clyda's sister Candi passed on Thursday morning. It was not unexpected but it happened very fast. She had been on Hospice care at home but had been moved to a Hospice house on Tuesday. 

I had decided to drive to Lynden on Wednesday afternoon. I drove because Clyda suggested that we rent a car and drive home so I thought I might as well drive up also. Airfares were quite high as they would be last minute. I reserved a rental car and a motel and left home at 5:30 AM Thursday. It was a fairly easy drive to Weed, CA where I arrived about 4 PM having driven 600 miles. All the hills were nice and green and all the fruit trees were in bloom. A very nice drive.

I started again at 5:30 AM on Friday in the dark and driving rain. Within a few miles I drove out of the rain but did need to use the wipers intermittently all the way to Lynden. The trip through Portland was fine, however as I approached Seattle it all went to heck. With construction on I-5, multiple interchange construction, and heavy Friday traffic my progress was slowed considerably. There is no easy way around Seattle. I finally arrived in Lynden about 7 PM after driving another 650 miles.

My days have been spent on the computer, scanning photos, etc for a slide show at the memorial service this coming Sunday. Candi had so many photos, both hard copies and digital. She had over 29,00 digital photos alone.

We have so enjoyed the 2 new grand babies. Both Michael and Lizzie's Mathias, born in January and Mat and Dawn's Samantha, born in October.

Clyda and I will probably leave for home next Monday or Tuesday depending on what needs to be done here.