Friday, February 1, 2008

Desert ATVing

Location, Bouse, AZ

What a great day yesterday! It was cold in morning but no wind. After I posted the blog, Jack and I took the ATV’s out into the desert and picked up a 55 gallon barrel which had been abandoned by someone. Jack will make a stove out of it. Later, Bill and Karen, friends from our days at Desert Gold RV Park stopped by and the three of us guys went for an ATV ride west into the desert. We just wandered here and there, following old roads or at times just heading in a general direction.

When we arrived back about 3:30 PM we were greeted with hot out of the oven cinnamon rolls made by Judy’s Sister Connie who lives next door. She makes the best cinnamon rolls.

We loaded the 3 ATV’s on a trailer and tomorrow morning will do an all day trip.

By now it was cocktail time so we retired to our trailer for some liquid refreshment. I later made pork fried rice for Jack, Judy, Clyda, and I with part of a left over pork loin I had BBQ’ed earlier in the week. It is my standard answer for left over pork.