Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Warmer weather

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I am in a “do nothing” mood I guess so there has been no update to the blog. The weather last week was cold by our California Coast standards so I didn’t do much of anything outside. It has warmed up some this week in fact the local temperature was 80 degrees yesterday. Today was also another nice day with “T-shirt” weather for most of it.

The weeds in the back yard are getting way too tall so I have been attacking them a little at a time. Mostly it is the Oxalis which in the spring takes over everything. I started by chopping a path around the edge of the garden and pulling the weeds in the asparagus bed which by the way, is starting to produce a small hand full of asparagus each day. Within a week or so we should be able to pick more than we can eat each day.

I need to replace the fence between our neighbor and us which is about 60 feet long. The price of lumber just keeps going up so I have been checking around for the best price. I need to buy now and store the lumber for a few months so it can dry before I build the fence. If it is put up green, the boards shrink and leave large gaps between each board. My neighbor will share the cost and wants to also do the fence on his other side at the same time. We are talking about a lot of boards.

Before I can do the fence, I need to remove some plants and my neighbor will need to remove a Guava tree from near our fence line. The Guava is pushing the fence up as it grows. I also have cement edging under the fence which will need to be replaced when the Guava tree comes out. All-in-all, it will be a big job but I hope to spread it over several months.