Monday, February 11, 2008

Hone again

Location, Home

Driving through Los Angeles is not my favorite thing by any means. Yesterday’s trip from Bouse to home was uneventful if not long. We left at 8:30 AM Arizona time and arrived home about 4:30 AZ time. We used the new, to us, Highway 210 extension which goes from I-10 all the way to Castaic. What a difference from the usual traffic and bad road we had been using. The traffic was moderate for a Sunday but moved right along. When pulling the trailer I tend to drive in the right hand lane at 55-60 MPH. I do need to watch for merging traffic but that keeps me out of the speed demon lanes.

The weather here was beautiful and warm so I washed the trailer awning before I backed it into the driveway. The neighbors were all outside so it was like a “neighborhood get together” while I worked.

We only partially unloaded the trailer last night and believe me; I went to bed early and died last night. I hate 400 mile days in traffic anyway. I would rather do 200 miles a day and then stop.

Now we have stacks of mail to process, mostly junk, and lots of laundry to do, and the trailer and truck to unload.