Friday, April 11, 2008

Real Estate and Blooms

Location, At Home

I hate to let a week go by without posting something to this blog however, we have been fairly busy. We have been in the midst of real estate transactions which required some study on my part due to the new nature of the transaction. Most of the work is now behind us with only a few small items to complete. I hate to be so secretive but those of my friends know what we have been doing in real estate for years. It involves a fairly large part of our retirement income now.

Speaking of real estate, long gone are the days when a hand shake would seal the deal. Now it requires volumes of paper and notarized signatures and the formation of LLC’s (Limited Liability Companies) to protect your assets, and separate bank accounts, and tax consequences. You almost need to be a lawyer to understand the paper work involved.

I was checking back to last year in this blog which is when I started it and I will post a familiar photo. It is of the boysenberries in bloom again. They look good so far and we have had lots of bees so that should help with pollination.