Sunday, April 13, 2008

A warm day

Location, At Home

Boy, has it been warm here. The temperature on our front porch in the shade was 90 degrees today. It was really hot out in the sun. I should cool down some over the next few days.

I’m not sure what I did yesterday. Oh, I know, I started moving rocks and plants from the flower bed next to the fence that needs replacing. I don’t know where we will put all the junk, er, stuff but it all needs to be moved. I know what I would like to do with it but doubt if I get a vote on the outcome.

I restacked the fence boards and it looks like they are drying nicely but some have cracked. I checked with the local big box building center and they agreed to exchange the bad for new ones. I’ll take them in tomorrow and see if that really happens.

We are in the process of buying a new guest bed soooo, that means moving the old bed to another room and moving out the futon which we have not been able to sell. We also decided to paint the room and replace the baseboards. We washed the walls, spackled the holes, and will paint tomorrow.

Of course, one thing leads to another. I will replace all electrical outlets and switches with updated hardware to match the rest of the updated electrical hardware in the front part of the house. The base boards I have already and they match the front part of the house also.

If it is warm again tomorrow, painting looks like a good job. I will let you know.