Saturday, April 19, 2008

Roots and Blooms

Location, At Home

We finished the bedroom yesterday. Clyda bought a new curtain rod and shortened the old curtains. It looks nice. I picked up the new bed yesterday and I really would like to try sleeping on it as it looks like a nice bed.

On the fence boards that were cracking, I did take them back and they did let me replace them. Score one for the big box store.

I took the truck in for routine maintenance and a few other things on Thursday. They finished everything by late afternoon but I didn’t pick it up until yesterday morning. I wanted to put off the price shock as long as possible. They did replace the turn signal module which had been intermittent. That involved removing part of the steering column. It also cost a bundle.

I am still digging roots, some of which are at least 8 inches in diameter. Here are a few pictures of the problems.

The lemon tree will probably be removed also. That is the neighbor's decision.

The large Guava has roots going everywhere. I’m not sure how to get it out. There is cement under the fence which needs to be removed as the roots have pushed it up as much as 6 inches in some places.

The hybrid bearded Iris a starting to bloom also.

The Amaryllis is blooming too.