Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another dump run

Location, At Home, CA

After my morning walk and breakfast, I started loading “junk” into the truck. I had several old fiberglass corrugated panels to get rid of so I sawed them in half so they would fit the bed of the truck. Lots of old PVC pipe once used to water the flower beds went in along with old water hoses, some that had been chewed by skunks looking for water, as well as all the stumps and tree roots that didn’t get burned at Visitadores in May. I ended up with a fairly large load which cost $16 at the dump. It is always a relief to get rid of stuff. I would like to fill one of those large roll off dumpsters that the local trash company has with all the things that have accumulated around here. I’m afraid one wouldn’t be enough. Oh, well!!!

I was really tired this evening and I doubt the work I have been doing is to blame. More than likely it is staying up until midnight every night watching the Olympics on TV that is to blame. I wouldn’t miss it.

The grandkids will be here on Saturday for 2 weeks. Can’t wait to see them.