Monday, August 11, 2008

The fence is done!!!!

Location, At Home, CA

The fence is officially done….. I put on the last two pieces of what I call “trim” to complete it. I do need to do some paint touch up but that is minor. Later, I will rebuild the fence along side the patio and redo the “wood shed”. I need to “think” about that before I start as we are now talking about removing the flower bed between the patio and the woodshed as it hasn’t served as a flower bed for some time. It takes way too much water to keep anything growing in it.

I loaded all the old fence and any other scrap wood I could find and made a dump run after lunch. I only paid $14.75 for a very large load as it was considered “wood scrap” and will be ground up and recycled.

Tomorrow I plan to take a load of just plain “junk” to the dump. Later, I also need to take a load of old concrete in for recycling. I will wait until after the flower bed is removed, if in fact we do remove it before I do that.

I need to report on some unfinished business. If you have been reading this blog you know I had sent my digital camera to Canon for repair. They eventually (actually a very short time) fixed it and FedEx’ed it back to me. I got it on Monday just before we left for the Bay Area. So far it seems to work just fine. They fixed the original problem with the memory and also something about a black spot (hole) in the lens? Anyway, it works and it was fixed for free, the best part.