Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Location, At Home, CA

Oldest son Tim, wife Diane and grandkids Matthew and Ivy arrived as planned on Saturday afternoon. It was good to see them at the airport. We are looking forward to 2 weeks of fun together.

Then tragedy struck. Clyda fell and broke her ankle on Monday morning while walking Craig’s dog. It required the Paramedics and a back board to get her to the ambulance as she was on the bike path near the grade school. Goleta Valley Hospital Emergency room straightened her ankle and wrapped it. She spent the night at home. On Tuesday she had surgery to repair it at the out patient surgery center. She now has a whole machine shop of screws and plates holding it together. Of course, this is the leg she had the knee replacement on and of course, she fell on that knee also. The x-ray showed no damage to the implant so hopefully it is only bruised.

She had a nerve block at the back of her knee so she has had little pain. She is flat on her back with her foot elevated for a week. It will than be 3 months before she can put any weight on the foot.

She is really bummed as Tim, Diane and the kids are here. She had been so looking forward to them coming.

She has a phone next to her bed and can have phone calls. I will move a TV in to the room later and I am sure she will get sick of soap operas really fast.

I will keep everyone informed about her progress.