Monday, November 16, 2009

Short post.

Location, Home, CA

Where has the time gone? Almost a week since I last posted.

First, a Craig update. He has done remarkably well after his surgery. He is actually doing more than he should but I think he feels so good that is hard not to do something. He has an appointment tomorrow to have it looked at again.

I, on the other hand have been rather lazy. I did get the RV cleaned up and ready to go again whenever that happens to be. Probably in January.

I still need to wash the truck but am waiting for a warmer day. Ha-ha.

I did get up in the attic this morning and removed some insulation from the vent area above the heater. When we had the house tented back in September, the gas company brought this to my attention as no cold air could get through to the furnace. The vent had been blocked for at least 20 years I would guess.

I also worked on my Dell laptop which has been in a state of partial disassembly since August. I completed the disassembly to a point where I couldn’t see anything else to do so reassembled everything and lo and behold, it worked. I am now wondering if a connector was partially unplugged. Anyway, it took several hours for all the updates, scans, etc to bring everything back as it should be. Time will tell if I have permanently fixed it.