Friday, November 20, 2009

Working with computers.

Location, Home, CA

I accomplished a few things this week like washing the truck, servicing the Honda generators and cleaning the BBQ grates. I also have been working with the Dell laptop which is still running by the way. I seems slow after using the Acer Netbook which of course has a much faster processor.

I have also been helping friends with their computer which has problems connecting to the internet consistently using a cable modem hookup. Yesterday, I and neighbor Paul checked the cable from the modem to the CPU and replaced it but still no connection.

We brought the CPU back to Paul’s house and ran a virus scan overnight using his DSL line for connection to the internet. Norton didn’t find anything but McAfee did find two dll (dynamic link load) files which were part of a back door trap which could allow someone to enter the computer. We removed the files and re-ran the virus scan and now all is good.

Today we took the computer back and hooked it up. Unfortunately, we still had connection problems. We think the cable signal may be weak as they already replaced the modem. It may be a bad input cable, so it is back to the cable company for help.

Today I had 3 computers running while updates were done and virus scans run. I can usually use one of the 3 while the others update.

Tonight I made dinner which was batter fried halibut with oven fries. I had planned to make the fries for a dinner while I was in Death Valley but decided at the last minute that I couldn’t do fries along with the rest of my planned dinner. So, tonight I did them and they were GOOD!!!

Of course, the secret was using a mandolin to cut the potatoes, cooking them in a convection oven, and seasoning them with a salt grinder. Yummy!! The halibut was also good!