Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moving on to Benson, AZ

Location, Benson, AZ

We left Casa Grande Friday morning about 10 AM after spending 3 days with Clyda’s cousin Rodney and his wife Claralyn. It was a very nice visit. I caught up on some of my computer stuff using Rod’s Wifi.

The drive to Benson was quite easy even with all the trucks on I-10 going into Tucson from Phoenix. We arrived at Cochise Terrace RV Park about noon. This is a very nice park with three separate sections. There is the RV Park, a lot owners section and a home owners section. Our friends Mike and Candi live in the home owners section in a very nice manufactured home.

We were invited to attend a birthday celebration at 1 Pm in the club house for one of the park residents. A local band had been hired for music and cake was served. It was a nice way to meet lots of people.

Mike drove us around Benson and then down to Tombstone and back showing us all the local high lights from the old west. We had been to Tombstone before but Mike really knows the local history so it made for a nice day. Later, we had pizza at their house.

This morning we went to breakfast at the club house. We have packed a lunch for a day trip with Mike and Candi. Hopefully, we will have pictures to show later.