Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wine tasting in Deming

Location, Deming, NM

We finished up our stay in Benson at Cochise Terrace yesterday with a pot luck dinner at the club house. We met some great people while we were there. Our hosts, Mike and Candi went out of there way to make our stay enjoyable.

Our drive today was uneventful, just as we like it. We arrived in Deming at “A Little Vineyard RV Park” about 12:30. After setting up and lunch we ran some errands. I needed to fill a tank with propane and Clyda needed to go to the Post Office. After doing that we drove east of town to the St Clair Winery. I had read about this winery on Semi-True Tales of Our life on the Road, a blog by Laurie Brown. They are a large winery with the capability of producing 500,000 gallons each year. They are increasing their plantings by 20 acres a year and now produce over 32 different wines. They are the 14th largest winery by volume in the USA.

One unique thing about this winery is that they sell bulk wine in half gallon jugs. The customer can call for a blend of reds or whites suiting their palate. The jugs are of course refillable.

As many times as we had stopped here in Deming we never thought to check out this winery. It is truly a hidden gem.