Sunday, December 19, 2010

Help Wanted!

Location, Home, CA
Help wanted!
Carpenter skills required to build an Ark.
Must be able to covert Cubits to feet.

I’m not kidding; we may need one if this rain keeps up. Since early Friday morning we have had over 8 inches of rain in my rain gauge. So far it has been a gentle but continuous rain. The ground is now soaked up enough that water is standing in places like the back yard.

From the weather reports and NOAA weather it will continue into Wednesday with the heaviest rain expected on Tuesday.

With sadness I note the passing of a neighbor and brother Elk. Jim, better known to us as JJ passed away on December 9th. His memorial service was held on Friday at the Elks Club. I and Budd (ex next door neighbor) were asked to speak. It was a brief but meaningful service.

I am still working on my Christmas shopping. The rain has put a damper on that. I hate to go out in it.

The new twins continue to do well in the hospital. Chelsea has come home to rest up and become strong to take care of the newborns when they eventually come home.