Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Location, Home, CA

I think we have enough rain to float the “Ark” now. Since Friday morning we have had 12.15 inches of rain in my backyard gauge. It has rained almost continuously during that time. Today the sun did make a brief appearance but we also had a rain shower during that time so had a nice rainbow.

I finished wrapping my last present today so that is done. Mostly I laid around all day while checking the internet and watching TV as Clyda had a couple of long time high school friends for lunch.

Yesterday I scanned old family photos which came from my mother. I had brought them back from Wisconsin in September. It is a slow process but one I need to get done. It will clear up some of the clutter in my computer room.

I just checked the RV Blogs and everyone was bragging about the great weather in Arizona. However, they did get rain today and expect as much as 1.5 inches which in the desert is a “gully washer” for sure. We encountered some of that kind of weather last year while in Quartzsite.