Monday, December 13, 2010

A momentous day!

Location, Home, CA

What a momentous day!!

Our niece Chelsea and husband Steve had been expecting twins after the first of the year but the babies decided to come early, as in yesterday afternoon. We had gotten a call that Chelsea was on the way to the hospital but thought it was just a false alarm as many first babies are. No false alarm this time. They were delivered by C-section about 3 PM.

Of course, Clyda couldn’t wait to see Chelsea and the babies so this morning we drove down to Tarzana to the hospital. Chelsea looked great and Steve is a proud but slightly shocked new daddy.

Steve took us to the neo-natal unit where we had to scrub, as in doctor scrub, as you see on TV. Elbows to finger tips with a throw away soap pad imbedded scrubber then wash off with water and dry with paper towels. Steve has to do this each time he enters the unit so his arms are raw already.

Clyda went in first and later I went in with Steve. Stella is breathing on her own even though she is the smallest at 3 lbs 2 oz’s while Braeden is on a ventilator and weighs 3 lbs 10 oz’s. The babies looked really good and healthy but small. Both babies were born breathing on their own and crying so that bodes well for them. They both will need to gain weight before they can be released from the hospital. It may be as much as a month before that happens.

After we left the hospital we stopped for lunch before coming home. The temperature in the San Fernando Valley was 80 degrees when we left the restaurant but dropped to 64 when we arrived in Ventura. It also was foggy coming up the coast. What a change in a few hours. I can hear the fog horn tonight as I write this.