Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missing days!

Location, Bouse, AZ

It is hard to reconcile all the missing days in this blog. Suffice it to say, they have not been fun.

On Tuesday Feb 22, I got sick. By 4 Pm I was freezing and rolled up in a blanket on the bed and shivered for a few hours. Over the next 3 days, I spent most of the time in bed, drinking little and eating less.

By Friday afternoon I was in bad shape. I decided to take a shower while Clyda was gone with friends. Bad idea! I passed out sitting on the toilet and ended up coming to with my face on the floor next to the door. I managed to get into bed and eventually get my cloths on. When Clyda came home I asked her to take me to the ER in Benson as I had no idea what was going on or what I had.

Several hours later, three IV bags of fluid drained into me and one massive Tylenol, my temperature finally came down. It had spiked at 103.7 after 2 bags of IV fluid. All other indicators were ok. Chest x-ray was normal, blood work was normal, I wasn’t coughing, didn’t have a headache, another words, a mystery.

The ER doctor decided to send me to the Tucson Medical center. So about midnight I was transported by ambulance and arrived about 1 AM. They originally thought I had the flu so put me in a private room to keep me isolated.

A doctor checked me about 2 AM and thought I might have pneumonia so started me on a broad spectrum of antibiotics intravenously. That was a mistake as I reacted badly to the antibiotics. A different Dr on Sunday thought it was a mistake also but couldn’t countermand the first Dr’s orders. An infectious disease Dr later said she thought I had a virus and none of the antibiotics would do any good so I asked to have them stopped.

By Tuesday they decided to discharge me still not having decided what was wrong. By then I couldn’t eat but was drinking.

Clyda picked me up about noon and drove me back to the RV Park in Benson. I spent the next few days eating and drinking to get my strength back. My sinuses were all dried up and I had a hard time swallowing. The swallowing got better as the days went on.

On Saturday we decided to drive towards Bouse with a possible stop in Gila Bend for the night if I couldn’t go any farther that day. As it turned out, we stopped in Gila Bend for lunch and I felt good enough to drive on to Hickey’s at Bouse.

We arrived in the afternoon and got set up and over the next few days I ate and slept and read a little. I am just trying to get my strength back. We may stay until the weekend before we head for home as the weather at home is cold and I need all the warmth I can get.