Monday, April 18, 2011

A small setback.

Location, At Home, CA

I seem to have had a small setback in my recovery. After resuming most of my normal routine (with frequent rest time) I suddenly got either an allergy attack or a bad cold. At this point I’m thinking a cold; however, I have had some of the symptoms since I was released from the hospital more than a month ago.

We have had really nice weather for the last week or so but this morning we had our usual high overcast. It burned off later but it also dropped our temperatures back to the 60’s which is more like our normal.

I cut back all the suckers from the boysenberries today. The berry vines are really full of blossoms and lots of small berries are forming. Clyda has been making jam, syrup, and curd from the berries still in our freezer from last year in preperation for this years crop.

We are getting a handful or more of asparagus every day. I do need to weed the asparagus bed tomorrow while the weeds are small.

I took a few photos in the yard today. Something to add a little color to the blog.

The lone rose in our garden.

Bouganvilla on our back fence.

A Dutch Iris in the garden with California Poppies in the background.