Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting better.

Location, At Home, CA

Last Saturday seemed to be a turning point in my recovery. I don’t have the feeling that I need to sit down and rest every few minutes since then. Oh, I do stop and rest frequently but not as often as before.

I am back to walking my full 3.3 miles every morning. I am just a little slow yet but will in time get back to my normal pace.

A month from now is my annual 10 days of security duty for Rancheros Visitadores. I have been getting things ready, checking my lists, talking to the other guys who will work, rounding up the equipment I will need, and talking to my temporary boss for this year. I may not have mentioned in this blog that my old boss (who actually wasn’t that old) dropped dead of a heart attack back in October last year. It was a real shock to get that news.

It was also unfortunate as he and I had started work on some changes to make the job more professional. That is all by the wayside now. I just hope that all goes well this year.

Clyda has been weeding the flower beds while I have been working on the small garden patch to get it weeded. We may have a small garden this year after all.

The large Chinese Elm tree in our back yard which shades most of the yard was trimmed way back in November which should give us extra light for the garden.