Monday, February 20, 2012

Home and getting ready to go again.

Location, at Home, CA

I had a terrible night Saturday. It felt like something was stuck in my stomach or intestines. The pain was terrible. I walked the floor and tried every remedy I could think of but all to no avail until after 3 AM. I slept fitfully until 7 AM and then got up. I wasn’t hungery but did eat a yogurt.
We got the RV ready for travel, dumped the tanks, and hit the road about 8:30 AM. The weather report called for winds all day until 9 PM but they only were light when we started out. By the time we got to Palm Springs it was a struggle to maintain 50 MPH. With the head winds I used ¼ tank of fuel in 60 miles.

The winds died after we went over the pass into Cabazon and we had no further winds all the way home. The remainder of the trip used just over ¼ tank of fuel. A big difference.

We stopped in Fillmore for a late lunch and were home by 2:20 Pm.

Now we need to get our things together in preparation for our trip to Hawaii on Friday. This morning I took the car in for new tires. The old ones are the originals which had 36,000 miles on them and are over 5 years old.