Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moving on to Benson, AZ

Location, Benson, AZ

We have moved on to Benson, AZ for a few days. Last year we had reservations for Karchner Cavern when I got sick. Instead of a refund, they gave us one year to use the reservations. Tomorrow is the day.

To back up – we watched the Super Bowl last Sunday while munching on appetizers. Most of us supported the Giants so it was a great win.

On Monday, four of us loaded the ATV’s on a trailer and drove towards Swansea from Bouse to Midway. We unloaded there and road towards the Bill Williams River. I had never been beyond Swansea so it was all new territory for me.

Ready to roll!
Remains of a cabin at a mine site.

Copper ore vein.

An old can dump. These are all over the desert.

We explored several mining areas along the way. Crossing the river was anticlimactic. The river is a series of potholes which you cross slowly pulling your feet up so they don’t get wet. Later, we tried to re-cross the river but the water was too deep so we gave that up. Great trip!

We drove to Benson yesterday with some headwinds through Tucson and into Benson. It sure cut into our fuel mileage.

Beautiful day today but windy this afternoon.