Sunday, April 22, 2012

Location, at Home, CA

Another week gone by with not a lot to show for it on my part.

I am slowly getting things organized for my 10 days gate guarding with the Rancheros. I bought some of the canned goods the other day and will buy the remaining just before I start. I have my food and menus planned but there is always the uncertainty of not knowing what I will receive for meat for dinners. Some years I have gotten a whole New York strip all cut into very thin steaks or both cooked and uncooked tri-tip roasts. Last year I received a package of top block steak. Fortunately, there was someone there who knew what it was as I certainly didn’t recognize it. I cut 2 inch steaks and BBQ’ed them which was perfect.

I filled the truck with diesel this week which should be enough to make at least 2 trips over the mountains. I will go up and mow the grass the day before I take the RV up. I do this to get rid of the foxtails growing there. If I don’t mow them, they get in our shoes and socks and make life miserable.

This year I will be by myself on Friday and Saturday as my helper is being used at the other camp for those days. It is not to my liking but that’s beyond my control.

On another subject: everything is blooming right now so here are some photos to enjoy.

Clyda's radish bed in a box.

Navel orange tree blossems.

Lime tree blooming.

Boysenberrys in full bloom.

Bearded iris bed.

California poppies.

There are even some apricots this year.

Cymbidiums blooming.

And of course, our large bougainvilla along the back fence.