Friday, April 13, 2012

RV repairs completed.

Location, at Home, CA
Yesterday I finished putting the RV back together.

I had Craig weld up 2 angle iron T brackets. These were bolted to the existing brackets holding the hydraulic tray in place. They are not meant to support the weight of the tray but rather to keep the whole tray from dropping down. The front of the tray now rests on a 2x4 which spans the top of the generator box. This should keep everything in place even with the rough roads here in California.

I still have a hydraulic leak somewhere around the motor and reservoir to check out. Running the rooms out and in a few times should show where the leak is.

Sometime this summer I want to pull the underlayment from the underside of the trailer so I can see what is wrong with the hydraulic cylinder for the living room slide. I suspect that it is a possibly a lubing problem. It means removing the spare tire and lots of self-taping metal screws.

On another note, my taxes are done and off to the government. I did manage to get a little back from both the Federal and State. In this day and age with governments grabbing with both hands to get our hard earned dollars, it probably is a miracle that we got anything back.