Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Last weeks activities.

Location, Morrow Bay, CA

A very rainy day in Morrow Bay.

We left Bouse on Monday morning with the intent to camp along Kelbaker Road near old Hwy 66 west of Essex. Along the way we decided to drive old Hwy 66 from Needles to Fenner because it is the only part of 66 in California that we have not traveled. The old highway parallels the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail lines so it has very little elevation change along its route.

We reached highway 66 (called Goff’s Road) by driving from Needles on I-40 westbound to Highway 95 and then North to Arrowhead Junction from where Goff’s Road heads west. This is a really good piece of road, in fact much better than portions of I-40.

At Fenner, we drove I-40 west to Kelbaker Road then south to a camping spot near old 66. This was a really nice place to spend a day or two watching all the trains pass by.

The next afternoon we drove old 66 west to Ludlow where we again entered I-40 to Barstow. Our goal was to arrive in Boron about 4:30 PM and eat at Dominguez restaurant which has exceptional Mexican food. Our timing was perfect as we parked in the street and had a nice dinner.

After dinner we drove to the Boron rest stop to spend the night.

On Wednesday we again headed west on Highway 58 to Mojave where we got fuel at $4.34 per gallon (bummer) then continued west to Bakersfield where we arrived at our friends Budd and Brenda’s new house. We are here to help Budd with a few projects. We hung some cabinets in the garage that Budd had assembled from Home Depot kits on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday we put together a play house for grand daughter Jessica. This turned out to be a 7 hour project and really came out nice.

On Friday we assembled a plastic garden shed on a cement slab which Budd had poured earlier in the week. Again about a 7 hour project.

Saturday and Sunday were rest days but we did manage to get a frozen custard along with some shopping.

Monday morning we left Bakersfield and drove to Morrow Bay to camp for 4 days at Morrow Strand RV Park with friends Ron and Becky.