Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ride to Stone Cabin.

Location, Bouse, AZ

A relaxing week with only a few items on our agenda.

On Thursday it was Connie’s birthday so the gang (9) of us went to Salome for breakfast. The restaurant had burned a few years ago but is back in business again. Good food also.

After breakfast we drove to Brenda and went to the Desert Gold RV Park craft show. It was well attended. This is the RV Park we used to winter over at. We also got to see our friends Bill and Linda who manage the park.

On Friday afternoon we loaded the ATV’s for a trip to the Stone Cabin on Saturday. The plan was to trailer the ATV’s to Gold Nugget road off I-10 as it is too far to drive them from here.

Saturday morning we drove to Gold Nugget Road and off loaded all the ATV’s. There were nine units in all which included some side-by-side Razr’s as well as ATV’s. It made for quite a sight as we all followed each other. Jack made the trip interesting by getting us lost on the way to the cabin. It just made for a nicer ride.

Jack and I unloading.

 Gary and I relaxing until someone makes a decision.
Clyda in EJ's side-by-side.

We did manage to find the cabin exactly at lunch time.

Someones idea of a birdhouse for the cabin.

Other people also found it about that time which makes for interesting conversation about “Where are you from?”, “Have you been here before?”, etc.

After a lengthy lunch we rode back the normal way. We reloaded all the ATV’s and came home. All in all, a nice day and a nice ride.

We will leave here tomorrow and dry camp for a few days before traveling to Bakersfield, and other adventures.