Friday, February 15, 2013

Camping near Ajo, AZ.

Location, Ajo, AZ

We are actually dry camping on BLM property on West Old Darby Wells Road south of town.

This is a popular dry camping spot and I know about it from other RV’ers on the internet.

We drove from Tucson yesterday to Why, AZ (don’t you love the names?) then north to Darby Wells Road. We are not too far off the highway but don’t really hear the traffic so it is far enough. I am not real comfortable driving this big rig off highway. In fact yesterday we drove a couple miles back from the highway looking for a suitable spot for the rig but not near anyone else. People here like there solitude. I had to turn it around by pulling into side road and making a Y turn. It worked OK but I don’t like to do that.

Sunset last night.

We drove into Ajo today and looked around. The old downtown looked familiar but north of town sure has changed. The grocery store in old town has moved north on the highway and is now a big new IGA store. There are 2 new gas stations, two Dollar stores, newly paved streets, newly painted buildings in old town and a very large solar array south of town. We would not have seen the solar array had we not pulled off the road to check out a monument to citizens moved from the old cemetery to the one in town. It appears from the inscription that the cemetery was moved to make way for the solar array.

I judge small towns in America as good if they can support a Dairy Queen. Ajo fills the bill. We checked it out, Budd.

We also drove about 3 miles back on Darby Wells Road to see how many people are camped here. Quite a few it turns out. The most known from the Hitch Itch website is RV Sue. We saw here Casita but didn’t want to disturb her.

We did drive to an overlook into the large copper pit where the volunteer docent sitting in her car yelled out to us that they were closed. I asked her if it was closed to looking but got no answer, so we looked, took a photo, and left.

The pit.