Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seeing the sights.

Location, Tucson, AZ

We have moved to Justin’s Diamond J RV Park west of Tucson.

I heard about this park from people on the internet for some time but we have never been able to work out a stay here. Because we wanted to go to the Gem and Mineral Show which is now going on in Tucson, this seemed the perfect time.

We arrived on Thursday morning after an hours drive. In the afternoon we visited the gem show at the Days Inn. The show actually takes place all over town, where ever they can put up a tent or rent out rooms. The quality of gems and minerals is a step above Quartzsite.

On Friday we drove south to Tubac and attended the Art and craft show. We have been there before but not to the art show. It consumes the whole town. Parking was $6 which I assume goes to the city, and we were fortunate to park right in town. We managed to take in the whole show.
 Tents line every street in Tubac.

Flowers anyone?
The weather changed here last night as it did for most of the west. We have had some rain and wind. Supposed to be 32 degrees tonight. Bummer.