Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Checking out another venue at the Gem show.

Location, Tucson, AZ

After spending way too much time in the RV, we decided to get out this afternoon and visit another of the Gem and Mineral show venues. After some mis-direction on my part we finally found an area near I-10 with several motels being used as show places. Parking was $3.00 but everything was within a short walk.

The first venue was the African Village with 3 aisles of booths full of the most unlikely things to be found at a gem show. There were lots of booths with beads of all sizes which anyone would be hard pressed to use in the modern world. I have heard that the beads used in the African trade were made in Italy. I doubt if anyone selling them today would admit that.

Tables piled high with beads.

Clyda looking at a pile of beads. 

We also checked out the show at the Howard Johnson Motel. This show is spread all over the place including all the bottom floor rooms with outside sliding doors. The good stuff is kept inside while the lesser quality is on tables outside.
Clyda managed to find a few items to purchase. I kept my hands in my pockets.