Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moving ahead.

Location, Home, CA

What did I do this past week? Humm…….. I did go to lunch with my friend Don. We drove over the mountain to the Santa Ynez Valley where I checked on things at Blue Gate. Less than a month until I start work at the gate. Someone has mowed all the grass. It looks like a park rather than a cow pasture. Of course, we have had a little rain since then which will make the grass grow again. I will mow it before I move in as the foxtails really bother us if not mowed.

The car went in for long overdue maintenance. The key has been hard to remove from the lock sometimes but of course it didn’t do it while in the shop. They did lube some linkage so maybe that will help.

We took our tax info in a few days ago. It looks like we should be ok and not need to pay. The last form came yesterday by email so I dropped it off this morning.

I did work on the RV again yesterday. I wiped down all the cabinets in the living room/kitchen area and washed the ceiling. I thought about removing the carpet but had some doubts about the area around the slide out. I’m not sure if there is linoleum in that area. So…. I best leave it as is until I can determine a better solution.

I made airline reservations for August to attend an All-School Reunion for my high school. I do need to see my family as it has been since 2011 when we were last there. Time does fly!

Some recent photos from my morning walk.

Ceanothus in bloom on.
Pride of Madeira in neighbors yard.