Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tree removal.

Location, Home, CA

The 10 days since my last post sure disappeared quickly.

Not a whole lot to report this week. We have a very large Chinese Elm tree in our back yard that is about 46 years old. Every year or so we spend lots of money to have it trimmed. We have thought about having it removed years ago but realize that it will completely change the looks of the back yard as well as remove the shade on hot days.

However, the tree completely covers our naval orange tree and the roots are now under the house slab and into the garden area. Also, in the winter all the leaves fill the rain gutters and cover our metal patio roof. When the wind blows it sounds like rain on the patio roof.

Last week we got an estimate from one tree service and will get another one tomorrow from another service on the removal and stump grinding. It is not cheap! But it is necessary. I am sure we will replace the tree with another but less invasive tree at some point. Many of Clyda’s shade plants will suffer when the tree is gone. 

This is a very large tree. Consider that the shed behind it is 10 feet wide.

The trunk is about 3.5 feet in diameter.

The plan is to have the tree removed while I am on gate guard duty at Rancher Visitadores. With the RV gone they can back the chipper on the slab next to the house and have easier access to the back yard. Some of those branches are huge.

Today we attended a memorial service for a neighbor and friend who passed away on April 4th. Arnie was the one who asked me to work with him as a gate guard for Ranchero Visitadores when I retired in 1995. Arnie had over 20 years on gate guard duty.