Monday, July 22, 2013

Busy with canning.

Location, At Home.

I took the truck in this morning for a lube job. I also wanted them to check a noise I have been hearing. They said it isn’t from the engine but might be the differential or the tires. I did replace the tires some time ago and that’s when the noise started. Just maybe!

I took a picture of Craig’s vertical cucumber patch.

Rather unique don’t you think? We have lots of cucumbers so that means lots of canning. Unfortunately we got rid of all our 1 quart canning jars several years ago. They were taking up room in the garage and we didn’t think we would use them again.

Today Clyda ran into a women in the hardware store while she was looking at new jars. The women said not to buy any as she had lots and Clyda could have them. Long story short, we drove to her house and got several boxes of jars. Some may not be usable but those will go to recycling. The remaining will be used I am sure before we are done with this canning season.

So far we have freezer pickles which are very good but we have limited freezer room. Also made bread and butter pickles and dill pickles. We used up our dill with the first batch we made but a friend gave us a huge bouquet of dill for our second batch. We need to make pickles again about Wednesday.

Off to see the twins tomorrow and pick up Clyda’s sister Candi at the same time. She arrived here last Monday but took the train Wednesday morning to visit a friend further south and stay with Chelsea and the twins for a few days.