Sunday, July 14, 2013

It is hot!

Location, At Home.

OMG! It’s hot!

We are having “sundowner” conditions tonight and the temperature has climbed 10 degrees or more in a matter of minutes. Outside temp is 90 degrees at 8:30 PM. It was about 74 degrees when the “sundowner” started about 6 PM. It is one of those times when fires start. I hope people are aware of that and use caution.

A “sundowner” occurs when winds come over the mountains towards the coast and heat up because of the change in pressure. We have wind warnings until midnight tonight.

On other news; Clyda finished the batch of pickles from last night. She made up a liquid of pickling spice, sugar, and vinegar and poured it over the pickle slices. After bringing it to a boil she put the pickle slices into pint jars and water bathed them for 15 minutes. All the lids “popped” within a few minutes after they were removed from the water bath.

We have company coming on Wednesday for dinner so I think we will “test” the new pickles on them. We need to do this to make sure they are fit to eat before we make more.

With all the heat this evening I am sure the garden will produce an abundance of vegetables tomorrow.