Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold in Quartzsite

Location, Quartzsite, AZ

Boy, was it cold last night! It was only 31 when I got up this morning and 38 in the trailer. I didn’t get up until the sun came up which is about 8 AM.

After breakfast I got my grocery list together, loaded the flat trailer tire in the truck and grabbed the ice chest and drove to Parker, AZ. The first order of business is to purchase a new tire and have it mounted. I also had them check the rim for roundness just in case it got damaged. It was fine but the tire was expensive.

I stopped at Ace Hardware and bought a heavy duty lock for the generator cable and a new lock for the fifth wheel plate in the truck. The old one was a Chinese knockoff which was getting rusty.

I drove up the California side of the Colorado River looking for the Retzloff’s who are camping with friends. I found them at Echo Resort. They have a nice spot backed right up to the river. It was cold and the wind was really blowing there. They will move out to Plamosa Road tomorrow and camp by me.

I grabbed a quick lunch at Jack-in-the-Box and then bought groceries at Safeway. I needed to stock up for this weekend when everyone is here. I will do the meal for everyone tomorrow night.

The round trip to Parker is about 75 miles so I arrived back at the rig about 3 PM. After putting away all the groceries I made myself a cup of tea while deciding what else should be done tonight. I decided to hookup the generators so I could type this entry. They both needed fueling and I got to use my new cable to lock them up.

There are a lot more rigs parked in this area than there were 2 days ago. Everyone is coming for the RV show which starts Saturday. It happens this way every year. It looks like no one will show up but within 2 days, the place fills up.