Friday, January 11, 2008

Pruning fruit trees

Location, At home, CA

I find it interesting how fast the days fly by. I think I have recently written in the blog but when I check it has been several days.

We are still in a holding mode as far as our trip to Quartzsite goes. I may leave as soon as Sunday or we both may leave as late as Thursday or Friday next week. If I leave on Sunday, I will drive through Los Angeles as it is the shortest route. Clyda would come with the Marsh’s on Friday and return home with them on Monday. Later that week she would drive back by herself and we would spend at least 2 more weeks in the desert.

I have been pruning our fruit trees this week. Late December or early January is the time to prune them before the buds swell. We have two kinds of plum trees and an apricot tree. All are almost 40 years old and have just about out lived their useful life. In recent years they have grown tall to the point that we can’t reach the fruit when it ripens. The birds get most of it. I decided to top them all and see if they will survive and put on fruit.

The fence is 6 feet tall.

One of the plum trees is full of termites and really should be cut down. There are two thoughts on that. If I cut it down, where will the termites go for food? Not that I really care if they get fed or not, but most likely they will go to my house which is full of good termite food. Think about all those 2 x 4 studs to eat. If I leave them alone, maybe they will stay in the trees for a few more years.

After I finished pruning I ran all the branches through my chipper. That gave me 4 garbage cans full of wood mulch. I will let that sit for six months in the cans to heat, after which time I will spread it in the garden along with other mulch.

I try to recycle as much of our garden clippings, grass, etc, as I can to use as mulch in the garden and flower beds. You can never have too much mulch!