Friday, January 4, 2008


Location, Tehachapi, CA

We still in Tehachapi with Budd and Brenda and Budd’s mother, Betty. Every day we make the decision to stay or go home based on how much work we still need to do on the new laptop. Yesterday we spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Dell, fixing the wireless link to the printer. It all worked last night but not this morning which was frustrating. We reloaded the printer driver from the disk and it is working again.

It has been somewhat frustrating to work with Windows Vista. It also appears there are issues with context sensitivity when dragging files. It has been a real learning experience that’s for sure.

Besides the computer work, we have been watching football games of course, eating way too much good food, and setting a puzzle. We completed one puzzle and started a second. This one is much harder.

We have been waiting for rain for 2 days. It is overcast and stormy looking but so far no rain. It is raining at home and else where along the coast. In some places it is very windy also.