Sunday, December 30, 2007

Change of plans

Location, At home, Ca

Change of plans. Yesterday morning we decided that both Clyda and I need to come home after New Years to take care of some things before we go to Quartzsite. So, we called our friends Budd and Brenda and told them we would not be bringing the trailer but would be bringing the car instead. That meant repacking everything from the trailer to the car, loading the refrigerator into the ice chest, and hoping we didn’t forget anything.

It was an easy trip in two cars with Clyda and Cindy driving in Clyda’s car and Gary and I driving his Highlander Hybrid. With a stop in Ventura for a Mexican food lunch, we arrived in Tehachapi about 4:15 PM yesterday.

Last night was home made pizza and the Patriot/Giant football game on TV.

It was cold last night and very foggy this morning. The sun is trying to come out but it is still very overcast.

Budd made omelets this morning for everyone. Outstanding! Just like the the good old days when he owned the Eggception restaurant.