Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doctors appointments & truck service

Location, At home, Ca

Where or where have the days gone? I knew I hadn’t posted for a few days but didn’t realize how many had gone by.

I finished putting all of the screws back in the trailer panel and caulked every seam that needed caulk.

I picked up the truck Monday afternoon from the shop. It was a hefty bill to pay but considering the things that had been done, I can accept it. They did a lube, oil, and filter service, transmission service, replaced the water pump, and replaced the front brake pads, resurfaced the front rotors, and packed the wheel bearings. There were a few other minor items done also.

I had a blood test on Tuesday in preparation for my annual physical today. Everything is normal and even my cholesterol is in an acceptable range. That should do it for doctor visits for a while. I do need to see the dentist for a checkup and also the eye doctor. All of these are done on a semi or annual basis and it is something I have been doing for years. Consequently, there are few surprises.

A comment here is in order I think. For those of us who travel several months out of the year, scheduling and keeping medical appointments, ordering meds, and keeping it all straight becomes a problem. We usually schedule all of this for late November or December as that is when we are home. Others I have talked with do much the same by heading to their home base or last permanent living base to take care of necessary medical checkups.