Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Truck recall

Location, At home, Ca

Yesterday I did a job I have been putting off for some time. Two and a half years ago when we remodeled our kitchen I removed the ceiling drywall. Of course the insulation started to come down also. That wouldn’t have been so bad except that loose fiber insulation had been added on top of the fiberglass bats. To keep from making a real mess I used a leaf rake and pulled the loose insulation back out of the way in the attic with the intent of putting it back after the remodel was done.

Best intentions and all that, it didn’t get done. So yesterday, donning my respirator mask (bought for the job 2 ½ years ago) I dragged the leaf rake, a basket, and a light up into the attic and spread the insulation back where it belonged. It is a dirty job and I should have called Mike Rowe of TV fame on “Dirty Jobs” to help me. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about it until I was all done.

Today I took the truck into the Ford garage to have the Cam Position Sensor replaced. There has been a recall notice on this so I called for an appointment yesterday. It took them about three hours to do the job. I stayed in town while they did the work as I had an appointment right around the corner later in the morning.

It is cold again tonight. We have had frost most mornings usually on the roof tops. Yesterday even the low ground plants were covered with frost. Not good as some plants won’t survive that.