Saturday, December 22, 2007

Asparagus ready for the rain

Location, At home, Ca

Yesterday I finally spent some time in the backyard. I cut back all of the asparagus and fertilized it with a mixture of compost and steer manure. I do this routine every year at this time so the winter rains will soak through the fertilizer and help the new asparagus to grow in early February. Below are before and after photos.

I think all of the Christmas shopping is done. We have parties or visits from friends and visits to friends for the next 3 days. There was a real nice party last night with the old Mothers Club group. We didn’t really belong to the group as our kids were just a little older but we have always been invited to events which we appreciate. It is interesting to see the grandkids generation now. There were so many little kids last night who got to see Santa Claus and eat and sing Christmas Carols. It was a great and fun party.

Today I worked on the trailer bedroom slide to see if I could fix the leak problem. I have tried something and I guess only time will tell if it works. I cut back on a piece of trim and then made the rubber gasket bigger to see if that will cure the problem.

It was sunny but cold again today. Cold by California standards anyway