Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Raining!

Location, At home, Ca

It’s raining and has been since early last evening. Overnight we didn’t get much although I did hear it running in the rain gutters whenever I woke up. I rained off and on all day and right now it’s a fairly steady rain. We can sure use it as last year was a rain deficit year here on the South Coast of California. Further North already had as much as 4 inches today.

I tried to do some Christmas shopping today but I finely gave up as all I accomplished was to get wet.

Over the last few days I have been doing more work in the trailer. This summer all of the glass panels in the cabinet doors over our dining/living room slide out started to rattle. They were put in with glue and it had dried out. I did a temporary fix in Houston using glazing points but that was temporary at best as they can still rattle. Yesterday I removed all the doors and the bathroom mirror and hot glued the glass at each corner. Hopefully that will fix them permanently.

Last night we attended the local Universities Women’s basketball game. They were losing slowly until the last few minutes when they caught fire and beat Pepperdine by 2 points with 4 seconds on the clock. It was a good win right before the Christmas break. The men play 2 games on the road before Christmas. The first game is at Ball State and the second at North Carolina. A win at Ball State is a possibility while a win at North Carolina would be a miracle. They are 9-1 so far and rank high in the Mid-Majors right now.

We have lots of parties this week. It usually happens this way just before Christmas. It does allow us to see some people we ordinarily don’t see often during the year.