Monday, December 10, 2007

Truck recall

Location, At home, Ca

It is cold here at night but not as cold as the Midwest with all of the ice storms.

It did warm up nicely during the day today so I washed both Clyda’s car and my truck. I think the last time the truck was washed was in Houston, TX in September.

Speaking of the truck, my neighbor Paul mentioned that there is a recall to replace the camshaft position sensor. I checked the Ford website and yup, mine is on recall. So, I will call the local Ford agency tomorrow and see what they say.

Saturday, my friend Budd came by and we tried to find out how water was getting through the bedroom slide in the RV. A water hose soon found the problem with the seal at the bottom of the slide on the front edge. When driving in the rain, the water is forced in from the forward movement. We think the bottom seal to the slide is poorly designed. I will remove part of the trim along the bottom of the slide so the main rubber seal can fit better.

Another leak I have had for some time is in the garage. Even a small rain storm has water running down a rafter near the back door. It has to be coming from the solar water heat bracket on the roof so I removed the long lag screw which goes through the bracket and into the rafter and filled the hole with Marine 5200 caulk. After running the screw back in and tested the result with lots of water on the roof, no leak!! Maybe it is fixed.

I spent lots of time on the computers again today. I am moving photos to their permanent locations and doing backups also. I carry a 60G hard drive with us while traveling as a backup for the laptop. I also have an 80G drive to which I copy all the backups as a safety device. That way every file should be stored in at least three locations.