Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Trailer repair

Location, At home, Ca

Several days have passed since I put anything in the blog again. It’s beginning to be a habit. Frankly, I don’t know why the time passes so fast.

Yesterday I put the side trim pieces back on the trailer. They hold the edges of the big panel on and provide a water tight seal on the sides. I ran out of stainless steel self taping screws for the front trim so that will wait until I pick up more.

I installed a Maxxair vent cover over the bathroom vent on the trailer. I had left this off as I thought it made the trailer to tall. During our trip this summer I wished several times that the vent had a cover to keep rain out but let air in.

Last night we went to a Manicotti/white elephant Christmas party at a friend’s house. This is an annual thing with basically the same people invited each year. There were few “white elephant” gifts last night and too many good gifts which people wanted to keep rather than trade. It was fun though.