Thursday, November 29, 2007

Progrees on the Trailer

Location, At home, Ca

I got out of my normal routine today as the truck needed to be in the shop at 8 AM for several maintenance items. Usually I do my walk at 7 AM or so and walk for an hour, but today I had to forgo that.

So, after the truck was delivered, I worked on the trailer panel. When the panel was initially removed I noticed that a hydraulic line to the bedroom slide was routed in the wrong place. The route forced the panel to bulge down where it crossed a frame member so I disconnected the hose end at the pump and re-routed it in the same channel as the return line. It is a much better placement and will make it easier to install the panel. I can’t help but think that the original hose placement was in error.

I cleaned all of the caulked edges of the panel with acetone and shortly after lunch, with help from my son and a friend, we put the panel in place. The panel is held up in the middle with 3/16 inch pop rivets which go through the box frame in several places. I had pre-painted the rivets to match the panel color (white).The edges of the panel are held in place with self tapping screws. I will put those on tomorrow along with the trim.

I was supposed to have a treadmill test tomorrow but the Doctors office called yesterday and asked me to come in this afternoon. The test has become routine for me as I have had one each year for the last several years. After the test, which went very well, the Doctor suggested that every two years would be ok. Exercise, diet, and drugs of course appear to be doing the trick. I see my regular Doctor next week.

As I was returning from the Doctors office I received a call from the shop working on the truck. They found that the front brakes were down to less than 5% of the pads remaining. Sooo, they need to be replaced.