Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Home, after 5 months on the road

Location, At home, CA

I am home after 5 months on the road. Actually it is 5 days short of 5 months, but who is counting. Dick and I did stay for the 49er business meeting on Sunday which lasted 2 hours. That put us leaving Death Valley at 3:40 in the afternoon. It sprinkled on us on the way to Death Valley Junction and actually rained on us between Shoshone and Tecopa. By the time we got to a spot in the BLM area it was dark, rainy, and windy. We didn’t put down any jacks so with the wind we rocked and rolled all night. I said it was like “sleeping in a hammock”.

Monday morning we took Dick’s truck as it has 4 wheel drive and drove to Tecopa to look for remains of the Tecopa Rail Road. We did find the right-of-way where it crossed the Old Spanish Trail east of Tecopa. We then drove south on a dirt road which I figured should cross the right of way as it headed east to the mines. We did find the elevated roadbed with a washed out trestle. We walked quit a bit of the right-of-way in both directions. There were still many old ties which had never been removed.

As the road bed turned south away from our road we picked it up later with binoculars as it climbed to the mines. Later we moved south and east on the paved road with more mines. In this area we again found the roadbed. This may be a future area to explore.

After a date shake at China Ranch we picked up the trailers and drove to Baker, CA and parked behind the Mad Greek restaurant in the large truck parking area. There were several other RV’s already there. We ate dinner at the Mad Greek and went to bed early. I didn’t even put out the slides.

I was awakened about 4:30 AM by a truck parked near us with a refrigeration unit running. Dick left a 6 AM and I left shortly there after. I stopped at the rest stop in Boron on Hwy 58 to shave, eat breakfast, and add 10 gallons of diesel to my tanks.

I stopped in Mohave and topped of the tank at $3.65 per gallon. Ouch!!!!

I arrived home about 12:45 PM.