Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unloading the trailer

Location, At home, CA

Just a short note tonight as I am beat from working on all of the items on my to-do list. I made an appointment for my annual physical, started the process to buy a car (called a lady at the local Chevrolet dealer and told her what I was looking for), checked on some real estate investments, and of course continued to unload the trailer. My-oh-my, we sure had a lot of stuff in there.

The amount of books alone was unbelievable. I had bought, borrowed, and traded books as we traveled. I had also bought several jars of pickles and beets in Wisconsin and unloaded those. We had a box of jams and jellies given to us by family and friends along the way as well as too much canned goods which all adds to the weight.

I still have mail to go through but I think I have looked at all the critical items. I have completed some of the filing of important papers but there is another whole box that needs looking at.

Craig said the WiFi router wasn’t working so he by-passed it and went directly to the computer with the DSL cable. I put everything back as it should be and the WiFi came up just fine. I think what happened is that the router had sat unused while we were gone and just needed to be rebooted by disconnecting the power and restarting it.

Enough for today.