Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beautiful Death Valley

Location, Death Valley, CA

It is a glorious day here in the valley. Sunny, no clouds with a light breeze. The temperature may get into the low 90’s today. Just beautiful.

Nobby and Deanna arrived late Monday evening. I had made dinner with enough for them also but the rest of us had eaten earlier. I reheated the casserole and had salad and brownies with mint patties and ice cream for dessert.

Nobby also brought more wood so we have enough to last us for a month at least. Someone came by last night and wanted to know if we are selling wood. We gave them a bundle.

There is still lots of room in all campgrounds. I am afraid it may be a lean year for the 49’ers. The Death Valley 49’ers is an organization started in 1949 to promote Death Valley. Each year in the first weekend of November, members gather for music, horse shoes, gold panning, a horse ride from Ridgecrest, CA, a wagon train, and much more to commemorate the first white people to traverse Death Valley in 1849.

The music has been going on for some time now. Each evening from 6-9 PM a group of musicians gather in Sunset campground for an impromptu music session. It is open to all who can play an instrument or think they can play.

I have added pictures to Sundays blog.