Monday, October 29, 2007

Kickin Back in Death Valley

Location, Death Valley, CA

Sometime during the night we had a few drops of rain and a small gust of wind. It cleared up by morning and was very warm by 9 AM. It may get to 95 today. It is really nice in the shade.

About 9:30 AM we got ready to move to Furnace Creek Campground for the next 2 weeks. Our favorite person, Sharon is on the gate so check in is a breeze. We all have sites near each other and as we planned before making the reservations, we “control” a shade tree as our sites surround it. Shade is important if it remains warm. It also helps if it gets windy.

This is our position for the next 2 weeks.

By noon we had everything set up and the wood stacked ready for campfires each night. We have lots of wood this year. Everyone brought some.

Wood pile at camp.

There are changes to Sunset campground this year. All spaces are now angled and made wider to accommodate larger rigs. This means the total number of campsites was reduced from 445 to 245. Also, the overflow areas have angled sites and are larger. They have started striping the overflow lots but are not finished yet. These lots will also hold less rigs.

However, Sharon at the gate said that this is the fewest number of reservations for Furnace Creek Campground that she has ever seen for this time of year. I know some of my friends planning to come later would like more information but not much is available yet. I will call if things change.

For some reason Blogger won't upload pictures this morning. I will try to add them later. Sorry!